To advance the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy and to assist the general public in choosing appropriately qualified homeopaths.


We envision a healthcare system that encompasses certified classical homeopathic practitioners to be accessible to all.


 Credential Holders

Annual recertification is required for continued use of the CCH credential. An online process is being developed for annual recertification. Credential holders will be notified as soon as the new program is available. 

See the CHC Recertification Handbook for information about credential-holder responsnibilities.


Contact the CHC office by phone or email to request a duplicate or replacment certificate. There is a $25 fee, which must be paid before the request will be fulfilled.



Beginning with the Nov 30, 2018 recertification deadline (i.e., for CE activities completed between Dec 1, 2017 through Nov 30, 2018), activities such as homeopathic conferences, webinars, seminars, and other, similar homeopathic education-related CE activities must be ACHENA-approved. 

Recertification Fees 

To maintain the CCH credential in good standing, the CCH holder must submit all recertification requirements by November 30th each year. The recertification fee structure is as follows:

If submitted by…

Recertification Fee

Late Fee


Recertification deadline




Within 30 days past the Nov 30th deadline
(Dec 1st through Dec 30th)*




Greater than 30 days but within 60 days past the
Nov 30th deadline (Dec 31st through Jan 29th)




Greater than 60 days but within 90 days past the
Nov 30th deadline (Jan 30th through Feb 28th)




* Contact information will be removed from the CHC’s online directory if recertification is not complete by
Dec 31st. If/when recertification is approved, contact information will be reinstated in the online directory.

Recertification submission will not be accepted later than February 28th. If recertification requirements are not met, the CCH certificate will be considered lapsed and the certificate holder may no longer use the CCH credential, unless and until the holder reactivates the certificate. See the CHC Recertification Handbook for reactivation information.



  This Website is the official source for the most current certification guidelines. Although the CHC strives to give applicants and credential holders as much advance notices as possible when policies or procedures change, it is the responsibility of the individual to be fully informed about the current application and certification guidelines.